Customer Testimonials

"This tool can chop, dice, slice and tenderize" -Kowalski Brothers TrailWorks

“WMC tools mean even mere mortal office warriors can go dig trails along side the mountain men”

Once again, beast of a tool. Supplejack up to 30mm thick doesn’t stand a chance, blackberry.......mmmmmm very satisfying. It will chop anything, dig anything, rake anything and lever anything. Also awesome that somehow (because of the mass of the head I think) it doesn’t give my “baby soft office hands” blisters nearly as badly as using a regular spade of grubber. Amazing tool thanks G

Holy moly that tool is just beast isn’t it! Haven’t had too much time on the handle until yesterday (and my abs know it today) but it just smashes its way through that supplejack and trash. BlackBerry.......very satisfying! Also noticed that I don’t get blisters like normal and it’s to do with the weight in the head stopping the vibrations from coming back up the handle I think 🤔. Bloody good, old Connor going full out with this thing is quite impressive, bit like watching a bulldozer!